About Us

We are a group of citizens creating access and opportunity for the Portland all-abilities adult population to co-create the decarbonization economy through sustainable livelihoods and community participation.

Christine Brautigam

Christine has a background in software project management and organizational improvement. Through some life-changing personal events, she transitioned from the corporate world to co-creating a better, more inclusive world, particularly for individuals with disabilities. She has gained considerable knowledge and experience through supporting her own family members on the spectrum and with ADHD. She is applying what she has learned from experience and entrepreneurship, to be a co-founder; creating work and social opportunities to address the current climate crisis.

Susie Brame

Susie has been actively involved in advocacy efforts with public and private agencies, school systems and healthcare professionals since her son was diagnosed with anoxic brain injury at birth. She continues to use her personal experiences and background in social work to create solutions for adult-related issues: housing, employment, social opportunities, and life span planning.

She is a founding member and board president for Families Supporting Independence, Inc.; past board member and current advisory board member for Autism Society of Oregon.

Diane Kaufman, MD

Diane is a child psychiatrist and board-certified pediatrician.  She is also a poet, children’s book author, and artist. She has extensive training in poetry therapy and has been trained as an expressive arts educational facilitator.  She is the founder of Arts Medicine for Hope and Healing and a board member for ASHA International whose goal is to inspire hope for those with mental illness. She hopes to use her training and professional experiences to support inspire hope, healing, and new life for individuals with disabilities.

Fiorella Kassab

Fiorella is a psychologist and school administrator who has been working in special education for the past 22 years. Her focus for the past 5 years has been conducting evaluations of young children who are referred for early childhood special education. She also oversees the Youth Transition Program which provides high school students with pre-employment transition services. She has a family member who is on the autism spectrum and is passionate about ensuring that all individuals have opportunities to engage in meaningful work experiences.

Amy Hall-Bailey

Amy is a creative director, marketing and communications professional. Having a close family member with special needs, and experiencing the difficulties of integrating into our current system initially drew her to Inspired Abilities. Amy has a passion for sustainability and mitigating climate change. She is a Climate Reality leader and is the marketing chair of Portland’s chapter of the Climate Reality Project. She is also a SAGE fellow creating an initiative to lower carbon emissions in Portland through adding plant-based options for our city’s school lunches.